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Fido won’t have to “ruff” it with this outdoor doggie gear!

Believe it or not, here’s an orphan deer being nursed by a chocolate lab.

Normally deer will run from dogs, but not this feisty young buck. Watch as he decides not to put up with a French bulldog.

Eastern black bears adapt well to suburban environments and often make a meal at wildlife feeders. But not when these two bulldogs are around. Watch what happens.

When talking about hunting dogs, it's common to skip over the faults of your beloved canine companion and get right to the good stuff....

The heat of summer can be enough to keep even the most avid outdoorsman indoors, and it's tempting to bring your gun dog into...

To accomplish any task, it's helpful to have the right tools. The same goes for hunting dogs. Depending on the type of game you...

Bringing home a new puppy is a special time, especially when he will become your constant companion and hunting buddy. You may envision yourself...