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How to Train Your Beagle to Hunt Rabbits

A well-trained beagle will help you catch more rabbits. This guide will walk you through the training process.

See What Happens When a Dog Irritates a Bull Moose [VIDEO]

An annoying little dog is no match for this angry moose. Watch how their interaction plays out.

Coyote Enters House and Snatches Pet Chihuahua

A coyote sneaked into a California home, snatched a small dog, and raced away. Read the full story.

Train Your Dog to Recover Deer

With just a few minutes each day in as little as one month, any dog, no matter the breed or size, can be trained to be a bloodhound. Here's what you need to do.

Buck Wants to Fight French Bulldog [VIDEO]

Normally deer will run from dogs, but not this feisty young buck. Watch as he decides not to put up with a French bulldog.

Bulldog Chases Black Bear Out of Yard [VIDEO]

Eastern black bears adapt well to suburban environments and often make a meal at wildlife feeders. But not when these two bulldogs are around. Watch what happens.

How to Assess Your Bird Dog’s Skills

When talking about hunting dogs, it's common to skip over the faults of your beloved canine companion and get right to the good stuff....

5 Tips to Get Your Gun Dog in Shape

The heat of summer can be enough to keep even the most avid outdoorsman indoors, and it's tempting to bring your gun dog into...

The Best Hunting Dog Breed

Depending on the type of game you hunt and the tasks you want the dog to perform, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best gun dog. We'll let you know which breed was determined to be best-suited for the job.

How to Train Your New Hunting Buddy

Learn how to train the rambunctious puppy you have now into what could be your ideal gun dog.