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White Doe Gives Birth to Two Fawns [VIDEO]

This white doe delivers two buck fawns, one white, one brown. Witness this rare event, captured on video.

Ever Seen a 30-Point Doe? You Have Now

An Illinois hunter bagged what he believed was a trophy buck -- a 30 pointer. The truth was far stranger than that.

Doe Walks Right Into Hunting Blind [VIDEO]

See a doe make a mistake that could have been her last. Doe? I'd say "D'Oh!" is more like it!

Does a Deer Toot in the Woods? [VIDEO]

Sometimes when animals do what comes natural, we can't help but laugh.

Deer Oddity: A Doe with Antlers

A hunter's first deer is always a very special event. But when it's a one-of-a-kind find like this one, that's even better. Read about one young huntress' amazing catch.

Three-Doe Crossbow Hunt [VIDEO]

Watch as a deer-management pro thins out some does with his Stryker crossbow.