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Keep Your Box Calls Sounding Sweet [VIDEO]

Homemade rosin will keep your box calls working at their best. Find out how it works.

Make Your Own Euro Skull Mount Lamp

Check out this cool way to make a lamp out of a whitetail skull.

Make Your Own Poison Ivy Remedy [VIDEO]

Stop scratching! Try this DIY poison ivy remedy and get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

Make a Knife Out of a Lawn Mower Blade [VIDEO]

Learn how to make a knife out of an old lawn mower blade.

Food Plots Anybody Can Do [VIDEO]

It doesn't take a lot of money,or fancy equipment to create a food plot. Here's how to create an attractive plot on a budget.

How to Make a Knife Out of an Old Leaf Spring...

Have you ever thought about making your own knife? This video will show you how to craft one from an old leaf spring.

DIY Mallard Skull Mount

How about a Mallard skull mount? Here's how to make it happen.

How to Build a Non-Electric Skinning Machine for $125 [VIDEO]

A non-electric skinning machine will save you time and cut down on the pain in your back. Here's how to make one on your own, for about $125.

How to Build a Log Cabin for $500 [VIDEO]

Many dream of owning their very own rustic cabin, but they can be expensive to purchase, even the little ones. Watch and learn what it takes to build your own cabin for less than $500.

How to Make an Alaskan ULU Knife

Ulu knives have been used by Alaskans for generations. Now you can make your very own by following these simple instructions.