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Disease Outbreak Leads to Deer-Feeding Ban

A chronic wasting disease finding leads to ban on feeding and baiting deer. Read the full story.

Many Deer Infected by House Cats

As if EHD isn't enough of a problem for whitetail deer, now feral cats are spreading disease. Learn about this ever-growing problem.

Deadly Deer Virus is Spreading

EHD can wipe out 75% of a deer herd in a month or less. Is your local deer population at risk? Find out more.

How to Avoid Diseases in the Field

Protecting yourself from disease and insects when field dressing game requires just a few simple steps. Take a few minutes to read through this post; it could save you from real trouble down the road.

EHD and Bluetongue Have Minimal Effect on Deer in 2014

Good news: Deer deaths from disease have fallen in 2014. Learn what's behind the recovery.

Your Deer Are Dying

Sickening, nausiating, dishartening... Walk a stream or visit a pond in an area hit by deer disease and you'll feel this way, maybe worse. ...