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Reducing the Pennsylvania deer herd has cost the state more than 100,000 hunters and more than four billion in revenues. Has the price been worth the effort? Get both sides of the argument in this compelling report.

With winter finally on the wane, now is the perfect time to begin a food plot, or at least explore the possibilities. It's too...

Get an inside look at a state-level deer-management unit.

Learn about a book that being called "a monumental leap into a new era of whitetail knowledge."

Learn the most vital step toward keep fawns alive and healthy long enough to grow into bucks worth hunting.

Hunters were the first and remain the best conservationists, not only investing hard-earned money in license fees, taxes, hunting gear, and more, but by...

If you are a skilled whitetail deer hunter, manager, or just want to become one, the annual convention of the Quality Deer Management Association...