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Hunter Saves Mule Deer from Coyotes [VIDEO]

Coyotes are notorious deer killers. Thanks to one noble bowhunter, there are now two less coyotes to worry about.

How to Field Dress a Deer In Seconds [VIDEO]

Learn how to field dress a deer in seconds.

Neighbors Try to Put an End to Hunting

What would you do if your neighbors said you couldn't hunt on your own land?

Buck Shows Unusual Behavior Toward Hunters [VIDEO]

Deer are unpredictable animals, but we've never imagined that a wild deer would allow a hunter to do this.

Two Bucks Locked Together Freed by Hunter [VIDEO]

This buck may have been happy to be released, but he had a weird way of showing it.

The 10 Best Venison Chili Recipes

Check out these 10 venison chili recipes to discover your next favorite.

How to Get Better Arrow Penetration

Arrow penetration can be obtained without a heavy draw weight. Learn what you can do to achieve this.

New Neighbor Keeps Harassing Hunter [VIDEO]

Watch as this neighbor from hell does everything he can to disrupt a hunt.

Buck Breaks Through Frozen River [VIDEO]

A buck determined to cross the river breaks through the ice during the attempt. Watch what happens.

Alabama Hunter Kills Dwarf Deer

This might be one of the smallest bodied whitetails we've ever seen. What's the smallest you've taken?