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This is One of the Coolest Gun Rests We’ve Seen [VIDEO]

Here's a really cool gun rest that's ideal for hunting.

Bacon Wrapped Venison Cheese Sticks [VIDEO]

Here's a venison-based treat that's perfect to eat as a kabob or on a bun.

Will These Broadheads Change What We Shoot? [VIDEO]

A new design for broadheads may change the way we shoot at deer.

How to Hang a Treestand [VIDEO]

Learn how to safely and quickly hang a treestand.

How to Choose the Right Public Land for Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

Here are five ways to pick the most productive public land on which to hunt deer.

Doe Hunting Strategies for the Early Archery Season [VIDEO]

Here's the how and where to bag an early-season doe.

Using Ground Blind Sets in Early Deer Season

Don't miss Michael Waddell's early-season tactics for bowhunting deer in ground blinds.

Best Treestand Tips for Safe Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

Deer hunting from elevated stands gives us a big advantage but hanging climbers, lock-ons and ladder stands involves much more than picking the best place. Follow these tips for treestand safety and you'll be more likely to return home at the end of each hunt.

Cut Shooting Lanes Now for a Successful Deer Hunt Later

You never want to complain about your arrow hitting a limb. Cut your shooting lanes now so you don't have to make excuses later.

Deer Hunting in Illinois

Ever wanted to hunt deer in Illinois? Here's a quick summary of the state's potential.