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The debate over whether to hang a deer by its head or hindquarters could come to an end with the publication of a new article.

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The debate continues on the baiting of deer, as different states fall on both sides of the argument. Where do you stand?

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A battle is brewing between deer breeders and the state of Texas over new rules relating to CWD. Read the full report.

A 12-year-old bowhunter makes an amazing first kill as he hits two deer with one arrow. Watch the incredible footage.

When field dressing a downed deer, consider the possibility of chronic wasting disease and follow these guidelines.

The perfect venison dish begins the moment the deer is shot. There are also things the cook can do to make it a dish you'll long remember.

If a big buck is your goal, then new horizons are a must. Sometimes you just need to get out of town... or out of state.