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How to Flesh a Deer Hide [VIDEO]

Here's a way to use a traditional household tool to flesh a deer hide with ease.

This Camo is Based on How Deer See [VIDEO]

Check out a line of camouflage that was designed with deer eyes in mind.

25 Amazing Trail Cam Pictures

It's trail camera season. To celebrate, check out the 25 best, strangest, and most surprising photos captured on trail cams.

What Do Deer See? [VIDEO]

Researchers have revealed their findings from a new study on whitetail vision. What they've learned may surprise you.

POV Deer Hunting from Tree Stand [VIDEO]

Watch this POV video as a hunter in a tree stand bags the first deer that comes along.

4 Things You Can Do to Protect Deer Hunting

Hunting's future depends on us. Here are four things you can do to make sure our children have the right to hunt.

Whitetail Buck No Match for 12-Gauge Shotgun [VIDEO]

A mature 8-point buck falls after taking the full impact of a shotgun slug to the lungs.

Two Deer Taken with One Shot [VIDEO]

Two deer walk into range, presenting the perfect opportunity to take them both with a single shot. Do you take the shot?

Deer Makes a Visit to Hospital [VIDEO]

Deer do the weirdest things sometimes. This one made an unexpected visit to the hospital. Maybe it was time for his physical.

Excavator Rescues Deer Drowning in Mud [VIDEO]

An excavator operator shows up at just the right time for a young deer that's stuck in the mud.