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When bears and deer match up, the deer seldom wins. See a violent bear attack take place in a suburban backyard.

See a doe make a mistake that could have been her last. Doe? I'd say "D'Oh!" is more like it!

Bend, Oregon's famous non-typical mule deer is no longer with us. A vehicle collision claimed this favorite of wildlife watchers and residents. Watch a profile of this magnificent beast's life.

Very few things in nature are as beautiful as a newborn fawn in a lush, green field. Here's a look at the magic and myths of whitetail fawns.

When it comes to well-designed food plots, Irregular edges attract and hold more game.

Should you consider adding a summer food plot or using supplemental feed to boost the nutrition your deer herd is getting?

Most food plot conditions are less than perfect, yet savvy food plotters can still create deer magnets even in tough locations. It’s just a matter of preparation, execution and good plot maintenance. Here's how to do it.

Great gift idea for the outdoors-loving dads in your life.

Watch as a woman films a deer giving birth right outside her backyard window.

This struggling deer caught with bare hands is a sad situation, but amazing to watch.