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If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when a mountain lion attacks large prey, you’re about to find out.

Watch as this angry goose takes his territory protection very seriously.

Man has been captivated by antlers for ages. But how much do you really know about them? What you're about to find out will likely surprise you.

Watch as a speeding skateboarder gets the surprise of a lifetime.

While deer antlers grow, they are covered with a fuzzy skin called "velvet." What is it? How does it grow? To learn more, check out this enjoyable post.

A 12-year-old making an incredible archery shot on a deer is quite a feat itself. Now how about that same shot but arrowing 2 deer with 1 shot? This incredible shot was caught on camera as proof. Check it out.

Fawn twins; will they be born white like their mother? Watch the video below and see for yourself.

This video demonstrates exactly what you DON’T want to do when field dressing your kill.

Watch these unsuspecting coyotes attack a deer then get a nasty surprise from a hunter they didn’t even know was there. Great example of predator control.

Most of us have probably set up our trail cameras early enough in the year to get a look at some of the bucks in velvet, but it’s not too often that we get to see the antler growth from start to finish. Now we can.