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It’s on Like Donkey Kong. Rut-Crazed Buck Chases Doe Into...

Watch as a frisky buck chases a doe into a lake.

Optimize Your Trail Cameras for Public Land Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

Check out these great tips for placing trail cameras when hunting public land.

6 Early-Season Deer Hunting Mistakes: How to Avoid and Correct

Don't make these six early-season mistakes.

1,010-Yard Shots Drops Whitetail Buck [VIDEO]

This is how you do long-range shooting!

Peeing on Deer Scrapes: Does It Work? [VIDEO]

What happens when a hunter pours human urine on a deer scrape? Find out with this video.

How to Properly Field Dress a Deer [VIDEO]

Every deer hunter should know how to field dress their kills. Here's a video tutorial that shows you what to do once the deer is down.

Three Rare Albino Deer Spotted in Wisconsin [VIDEO]

Only one out of 20,000 deer is albino. Now watch a video of three (!) albino deer, seen in a Wisconsin yard.

Monster Buck Hit by Car [VIDEO]

Hunters hate to see a big buck get hit by a car. We take a look back at the last years of Ohio buck "Bosa."

Rage Hypodermic Leaves This Buck Confused [VIDEO]

After being hit with a Rage Hypodermic, this buck didn't know which way to run. Watch what happened.

Overcoming Early-Season Bowhunting Obstacles

Hunting whitetails early in the season is something you have to be prepared for. Here's how our correspondent made a success out of a September hunt.