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If you’re a deer hunter on a budget, these tips will pay off.

A surefire way to beat cabin fever is to get out and start on spring habitat improvement projects. Just ask James Brion, the "Land Management Madman," who consistently grows and harbors monster bucks for his clients year after year. Read his unique story.

A quality blind will work well for both turkey and deer. Here's our pick for the coming season.

Deer have an uncanny way of getting into places they don't belong. One New Jersey whitetail deer was doomed to drown until a few friendly firefighters came along. Read the heartwarming story.

This photo essay depicts the growth of a bucks' antlers from year one until its death.

If you're serious about that "buck of a lifetime," then where you hunt matters. Alberta's trophy potential is a poorly kept secret. Here's why they grow 'em big up in the Great White North.

There's not a lot better to beat cabin fever than spring shed hunting! Here's our guide to finding shed antlers and getting a jump on next season's scouting.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a mule deer shed his antlers? This lucky hunter not only got a glimpse of this beautiful mule deer buck, he managed to capture video footage as the deer dropped first antler, then the other right in front of him.

Deer antler velvet has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for medical conditions, but does it really work? According to the folks selling it, yes it does work. Find out why.

Here is a brutal trail cam slideshow of two coyotes taking down a whitetail buck. Nature is cruel.