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Big bucks shed their veil of secrecy to feed during daylight in mid-summer. Now's the time to spot them.

A lot of people talk about how much behind the scenes work goes into deer hunting. We reveal why planning and implementing summer food plots is right up there at the top of the list.

A wolf summit is being held at Yellowstone National Park in late June. Find out whether your tax dollars are supporting anti-hunting organizations.

While searching for the carcass of a coyote, two Canadian hunters found what their prey had been preying on. Shawn Artindale and Gerry Williams of...

Watch as an albino deer gives birth to twins.

Learn the key signs to look for when hunting deer.

An injured deer made its way to the only natural place to go: the hospital.

Have you ever been caught off guard by a possum while taking out the trash at night? No matter how you reacted, we'll bet it wasn’t anything like this deer’s reaction when it stumbled on a possum late at night.

A poacher who harvested one of Vermont's largest whitetail bucks in two decades is given a small fine.

Hunt your way through an entire subspecies? It's possible, and can teach you a lot about that animal. Here's how to get started.