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The debate continues on the baiting of deer, as different states fall on both sides of the argument. Where do you stand?

Are you seeing as many deer as you usually do during deer season? If not, you may have a coyote problem. Read why many hunters are looking to eradicate these predators.

Aerosol deer sprays can lure deer farther than you can see, and can help even in wet conditions, as this hunter learned.

A 12-year-old bowhunter makes an amazing first kill as he hits two deer with one arrow. Watch the incredible footage.

The perfect venison dish begins the moment the deer is shot. There are also things the cook can do to make it a dish you'll long remember.

If a big buck is your goal, then new horizons are a must. Sometimes you just need to get out of town... or out of state.

This mule deer buck was not exactly pleased with the hunter that shot his antlers. Watch how it all played out.

Don't let the rain stop you from harvesting a big buck. Aerosol scents will help you entice bucks to visit their scrapes.

All good things come to those who wait. Here's why you hunt until the last day of the season.

When police get a call about a fight in progress, they're not usually expecting to have to break it up by tasing an agitated buck. See this bizarre event on video.