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Behold, a free-range typical whitetail like no other.

What happens when a deer dies in the wild? This trail-camera narrative tells the gruesome story.

Finding scrapes during the rut means a buck was there. Will it return? These tips will help you determine the hidden meanings behind most scrapes.

These recipes aren’t your average venison meals but you need to be adventurous! Try these crazy weird venison recipes.

Big bucks grow to old age and maturity in many suburban areas. And they're yours for the taking. Find out how to make it happen.

A few fellows are out on a lake for a day of angling when they come across a young deer struggling to stay afloat. Check out the video to see the full rescue.

Whether you hunt in the East or West, a sudden storm should change your game plan. Here's what you need to consider.

Scrapes make deer hunting exciting. Learn how to interpret them and use them to your advantage in this insightful video.

Slug guns are excellent for deer season. Here's how to make sure your gear is in top form.

Data from the NSSF shows that 11 million meals are provided annually to the less fortunate through donations of venison by hunters.