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Posting a replica hunter in your stand can make you less noticeable to game.

Have you met Jake and Fenny Snood? They're no turkeys, they're the real deal. Real decoys, that is. We take them out for a test run. Find out if they helped us down any toms.

Gobbler decoys can be very effective, but must be used cautiously. We field test a versatile new decoy that offers exciting options.

These illegal road hunters fall for a robo-buck and the wildlife officials are watching.

Wrestling with decoys in the dark can be frustrating when the anthor lines tangle. Check out this cool, simple solution.

Jeff Harrison was not out before dawn setting up decoys. He brazenly walked through fields as he hunted turkeys. How, then, did he manage to do so well?

These light, easily carried decoys produce the illusion of motion and are artistically perfect. Find out more.

For hunters of deer, wild turkeys, and other big game, hunting black bears can be the ultimate in exciting hunts. When planning a bear...

Pronghorn antelope rut from early through late September, and using a decoy is the most exciting means of bagging one. Be warned, however, your...

Dove season opens soon. As with any hunting season, preparation before opening day is important. Plan your hunt, ready your gear, and don't just...