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The ability to craft a crossbow for food and protection is an important skill. This video will walk you through the process.

This video documents a black bear taken down with one shot from a crossbow.

Mission Archery introduces two crossbows to the market, along with the industry's first silent mechanical cocking device. Get an early look at this new gear.

Barnett introduces an innovative crossbow that combines speed and light weight. Here's a closer look.

Andy Pedersen studied 24 hunts at a controlled hunting Federal facility and give a very scientific report about broadhead effectiveness. Forget armchair analysts' opinions; this info is the real deal.

Learn about the benefits of a vertical crossbow in this impressive video.

Most crossbows combine compound bow cam technology for extra power and arrow speed. Excalibur Crossbows, however, has stayed true to the recurve form and...

If there's a wad of Christmas cash burning a hole in your camouflaged pants and you 're considering buying a crossbow, here are 10...

Mission Archery recently unveiled two new crossbows and the industry's first silent mechanical cocking device. Most of  the archery industry introduces products at the...

Crossbows are the fastest growing form of hunting, and more and more folks — both young and old — are trying them out. Whether...