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Are you seeing as many deer as you usually do during deer season? If not, you may have a coyote problem. Read why many hunters are looking to eradicate these predators.

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Warning: Coyotes often attack dogs and other pets. This is a threat you need to take seriously, as this video proves.

Coyotes are a major predator of deer, especially when they band together and hunt in packs. See how they do it in this intense video.

Coyotes are a significant predator of fawns. Help the deer population out by learning how to trap predators, thanks to a new course from the QDMA.

Eliminating nuisance predators will give nesting birds a chance. Here's how to go about it.

Here is a brutal trail cam slideshow of two coyotes taking down a whitetail buck. Nature is cruel.

Coyotes have made their way to the cities and suburbs. Find out why that might not be such a bad thing.