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Whitetail deer populations face a double-whammy of EHD disease and coyote predation of fawns.

Wolves are vicious predators; your average pet dog has little chance against them. Find out what's causing the increase in wolf attacks.

Coyotes and deer share the same habitat. Keep a caller in your pocket so you're always ready. Here's what you need to know.

Don't let Fido or Fluffy out of your sight when the coyotes come to town.

Coyotes are effective predators and search the woods and fields for prey, making newly born deer fawns especially vulnerable. Find out about the QDMA's detailed approach to coyote control.

Hunters come across a deer that's antler-locked with the gutted carcass of a recent foe. Can they save the victor before coyotes return to claim a second victim?

A thriving fur market was a pheasant's best friend. Birds such as quail, grouse, pheasants, and other ground nesting species benefited dramatically because trappers...

Coyotes are known for being clever and adapting to new conditions. They're also strong hunters with strong senses of sight and smell. Coyotes will...

Coyote. You may hear that word and think of the classic cartoons featuring a roadrunner dropping an anvil on the coyote's head. Or, if...

If you had a pair of coyotes in your favorite deer or turkey hunting grounds, you have six to nine hungry predators today. Serious...