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You have probably seen some long coyote kills before, but I bet nothing this far away. This is supposedly the longest one ever caught on camera.

This hunter encounters a running coyote while deer hunting.

A full moon night may allow predator hunting without a light. Here's how to catch coyotes in the dark.

Check out these coyote kills and get fired up for some predator hunting.

Coyotes have made their way to the cities and suburbs. Find out why that might not be such a bad thing.

One bullet hitting a coyote can be impressive, but two at the same time? Coolest coyote kill shot ever. And it was all captured on video. Take a look.

Accurate shooting and a little bit of luck help this hunter get a coyote triple with his bow. Watch the video to see how it all goes down.

You're tucked into your tree stand just as day breaks and suddenly you spot movement. If only you could make a soft mouse sound or subdued rabbit squeal, the predator would head right for you. Fortunately, there's an app for that. Read more.

We knew the streets of New York were wild, but with a coyote captured in Manhattan, things are a little more wild than people thought.

Coyote populations are exploding across the country. Your dog may not even be safe in your backyard, as this video shows.