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Predator Management for Better Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

Predators such as coyotes can wreak havoc on white-tailed deer populations, but hunters can help curtail them with effective management. Here's what you can do.

110 Coyote Kills in Under 4 Minutes [VIDEO]

This compilation of coyote kills should get your predator-hunting juices flowing.

Teen Gets Revenge on Fawn-Killing Coyote

They say revenge can be sweet. And when it’s revenge on a predator in the wild, it seems to be all the sweeter.

Coyote Taken Down by 9mm Tracer Round [VIDEO]

Tim Wells delivers an amazing shot to this coyote's head using a 9mm tracer round.

Learn How to Call in Coyotes

To successfully hunt coyotes, you need to learn how to call them in. This primer explains the basics of coyote calling.

Entire Coyote Pack Taken Out with Suppressed Rifles [VIDEO]

Watch as two hunters take out a pack of coyotes with the help of suppressed rifles.

How to Make Coyote Jerky, If You Dare

Coyote is a species that's not known for being edible, but when properly handled and prepared, it can taste just as good as lean beef. Here's a great coyote jerky recipe.

Tangled Deer Rescued by Coyote Hunters [VIDEO]

Two coyote hunters come across two tangled bucks. Watch how they step into action to save the one buck that's still alive.

Deer Fights Off Coyote [VIDEO]

Watch this one-on-one battle between a whitetail deer and a coyote.

How to Control Your Scent While Coyote Hunting

Of all the things needed when hunting coyotes, scent control is one of the most important.