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Are you seeing as many deer as you usually do during deer season? If not, you may have a coyote problem. Read why many hunters are looking to eradicate these predators.

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Coyotes are known to prey on whatever they can find. This pack wasn't lucky when they tried to attack some deer in Texas.

A new breed of canine, known as the coywolf, has established itself as the apex predator of the northeastern United States. Read about this amazing animal.

Watch as some deer-stalking coyotes get a nasty surprise.

You'll be amazed by this unbelievable long distance tracer kill on a coyote. It's a great shot, but would you have taken it?

Coyotes are a significant predator of fawns. Help the deer population out by learning how to trap predators, thanks to a new course from the QDMA.

Watch these unsuspecting coyotes attack a deer then get a nasty surprise from a hunter they didn’t even know was there. Great example of predator control.

A full moon night may allow predator hunting without a light. Here's how to catch coyotes in the dark.

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