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Utah Game Warden Releases Trapped Cougar [VIDEO]

A trapped cougar is released by the local game warden. But the cougar isn't too happy about the situation. Watch how it plays out.

Cougar Confirmed in Tennessee

Cougars are expanding their range. The first confirmed sighing of a cougar in more than 100 years recently happened in Tennessee.

Where’s the Mountain Lion? Try to Find It Before It Reveals...

See if you can spot the big cat before it moves. We guarantee he would have seen you long before you saw him.

Cougar Drinks at Elk’s Club

A cougar sneaks a drink in the dark in front of two elk.

To Catch a Cougar: A Bowhunter’s Search for a Colorado Mountain...

Read this photo essay to follow along on a hunt for a most elusive prey.

Hunting Cougar Through the Brutal Cold

The GPS affirms it: The dogs have trapped a cougar, 900 yards away. The bad news? It's zero degrees and their prey is 900 yards straight up a mountain.

Young Girl Saves Brother from Hungry Cougar

A cougar in Washington State becomes so hungry it begins harassing livestock and actually stalks a young boy until his sharp-shooting sister comes to his rescue.

Nebraska Opens Mountain Lion Season

Say what? Mountain lions in Nebraska? But they don't have mountains! As crazy as it sounds, Nebraska has opened practically the entire state to mountain...

Cougar Makes An Incredible Journey

Every year, biologists from the Wildlife Division investigate reports of cougars (also called mountain lions) in Connecticut. Until last June, physical evidence of a...