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How to Make a Caveman Steak [VIDEO]

Here's an amazingly easy way to cook steak that will leave your guests begging for more.

How to Grill Stuffed Venison Backstraps [VIDEO]

Check out this gun-range recipe for awesome wild-game backstraps.

Cook the Perfect Steak in a Beer Cooler [VIDEO]

Forget the grill or oven. The best venison steak of your life gets cooked in a beer cooler. Trust us.

How to Grill a Whole Pig

Cooking a whole hog in your backyard can be done, with a little work. Here's how to do it.

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These elk burgers will light up your life.

The Trash-Can Grill That Fits the Bill [VIDEO]

Check out this new and very portable grill.

Hickory Nuts: You Don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing

Think hickory nuts are just for squirrels? Think again.

Ted Capel’s Goose Breast Stuffed with Cheese

Since ducks and geese can be difficult to prepare for discerning pallets, here’s a recipe that’s amazingly simple to prepare and grill. Yum!

Five Wild Game Treats For Your Next Party

Looking to spice up your next gathering? Check out these five wild-game recipes.

5 Unique Dinners for Adventurous Eaters

Are you ready for something new at the dinner table? Here are five unique meat and fish dishes you've likely never had before.