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This young Texas cheerleader is prompting controversy with her Facebook posts. Find out why the hunting world is rallying around 19-year-old Kendall Jones.

The show "The Calling" conducted a contest to see who would make the best TV host. A former First Sergeant came out on top. Read his compelling story.

Mossy Oak is sponsoring a trail camera photo contest, and it's easy to enter. Get all of the details here.

An innovative video duck calling contest kicks off soon. Check it out!

Hunters were the first and remain the best conservationists, not only investing hard-earned money in license fees, taxes, hunting gear, and more, but by...

You may have fished for trophy bass, noodled for catfish, ice fished for walleye, or just cast a line to relax on a day...

The "Wilderness Forever" public photography competition is now accepting entries of images illustrating the sheer majesty, diversity, and value of our nation's wilderness areas....

Are you passionate about conserving wildlife, enhancing habitat, educating youth and recruiting new hunters? Do you have a project in mind that, with funds...