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Mule Deer: Saving the Icon of the West [VIDEO]

Mule deer conservation is critical to the survival of the species. In this video, experts and wildlife-agency reps across the West speak to the need for action.

Global Summit to Stop Wildlife Crime

As wildlife crime increases around the world, hunters gather at a world summit in Milan Italy to take action.

How Wildlife is Thriving Because of Hunters

Too often, hunters get a bad rap. But these facts destroy those arguments. See for yourself.

Idaho Approves Year-Round Wolf Hunting

Find out why new hunting changes and a bill to fund wolf management in Idaho have animal-rights advocates howling.

Save Your Stream with a Pre-Built Bridge

Stream crossings are heavily regulated; this product may be of help to anyone who owns or leases property with a stream.

New Opportunities to Hunt and Fish on National Wildlife Refuges

National Wildlife Refuges offer great hunting across the country, with several more having just been added to the list. Find out where the closest NWR is to you.

Minnesota Hunters Work to Stave Off Deer Starvation

The winter of 2013–14 will set records for cold and snow depths across the nation, yet few states have been hit harder than Minnesota....

$350K Black Rhino Funding Goes a Long Way

American sportsmen probably shouldn't care about the plight of the black rhino. After all, few Americans will actually see one in the wild and...

Nebraska Opens Mountain Lion Season

Say what? Mountain lions in Nebraska? But they don't have mountains! As crazy as it sounds, Nebraska has opened practically the entire state to mountain...

SCI Stands Up for Hunters

Hunters from around world flocked to Las Vegas for the annual SCI hunting convention, where they raised more than eight million dollars through donated hunts, artwork,...