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Join the National Deer Alliance [VIDEO]

The National Deer Alliance offers hunters an opportunity to work together for conservation and the benefit of deer. Check out this informative video.

Glenn Beck to Speak at 2015 SCI Convention

Glenn Beck, one of the nation's most controversial broadcasters, will speak at the 2015 Safari Club International Convention.

Forget Bears, Now Coyotes Are Attacking Pets

Don't let Fido or Fluffy out of your sight when the coyotes come to town.

$200,000 Spent on Deer-Feeding Program

Saying that hunters are a deer's best friend is a bold statement. Here's another story to back up that assertion.

Are Taxpayers Supporting a Wolf Summit?

A wolf summit is being held at Yellowstone National Park in late June. Find out whether your tax dollars are supporting anti-hunting organizations.

How to Plant Food Plot Trees

Planting a food plot of trees will last a lifetime and provide soft and hard mast year after year.

Public-Land Hunting at Risk

Read about how the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a leading defender of our right to hunt, is working to keep those rights secure.

How to Attract More Game Birds

Specific plantings can be a boon to whitetail deer and game birds. The Mossy Oak Gamekeepers Club offers specific plantings and seeds to attract and hold game birds; find out more.

World’s Largest White Deer Herd at Risk [VIDEO]

The world's largest population of white deer is about to lose its home. Will development or conservation prevail?

How to Visit a Black Bear Den

A former Miss Pennsylvania can't steal the spotlight from an adorable black bear cub. Visiting a den, with official support, is a memorable outdoor experience.