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Montana Mule Deer Make a Comeback

Get ready, hunters: Montana mule deer are thriving, which means more hunting opportunity this fall.

Does a Super Bear Tag Make Sense?

As bear populations expand, is it time for a Super Bear Tag? Our writers makes the case for a reevaluation of how bear licenses are distributed.

Joe Byers Wins First-Place Outdoor Writing Award

Griffin's Guide's own Joe Byers wins first place in the Conservation category at the annual convention of the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association. Read about his contribution and learn more about the man.

Q&A: Donald Trump on Guns, Hunting, and Conservation

Here’s Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s take on President Obama’s recent executive orders on firearms, the privatization of federal lands, and hunting with his sons.

Help Manage Wildlife: Become a Hunter

As a hunter, your observations become scientific research that's invaluable to scientists and the government. Tell that to your anti-hunting friends.

Scientists Agree: Great Lakes Wolves No Longer Endangered

Wolves kill a million and a half animals each year in the Great Lakes area, and are no longer endangered. So why are they still being protected?

Trapping: Cruel or Not? [VIDEO]

Trapping is often thought of as being cruel to animals. This video explores the debate. Watch it and then let us know what you think.

Girl Calls Mom to Tell Her About Taking a Deer [VIDEO]

Watch the excitement that this six-year-old girl has as she calls her mom to tell her that her dad harvested a deer.

Sportsmen’s Alliance Takes Up the Pro-Hunting Cause [VIDEO]

A new trailer from the Sportsmen's Alliance serves to promote the cause of outdoors men and women across the country.

Conservation Easement Questions From Landowners

These are the things you need to know before you conserve, with all of your questions answered by a conservation consultant.