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Here’s a good look at a water wheel pump that moves water without the need for an extension cord.

If you need a little motivation to begin scouting for the best tree stand sites, put out minerals, and begin work on food plots, Tracy Byrd has the cure, with a song that you're gonna love.

Hunting aging bulls will prove a huge benefit to conserving the species. Find out why regulators agree.

A Safari Club International Convention is a must-see for all outdoorsmen. Here's a preview at what the organization and the con has to offer.

After several years, Congress agrees to expand the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area near Seattle by an additional 22,000 acres.

Get a $25 gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops when you join, renew, or gift a membership to the NWTF. It's like getting the membership for just $10. Check out the details on this great deal.

An inexpensive membership in The Rack Pack can keep youngsters involved in wildlife throughout the year.

It's very difficult to police illegal fishing, but authorities now have a new tool to aid in the fight. Find out how Internet giant Google is helping to combat illegal fishing.

Put veterans and teens together for a day afield, and it tops any day in a classroom. Read about a very special event.

A costly attempt to reduce Cornell University’s urban deer population backfired in a bizarre way.