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It's getting ever harder to find low-pressured fishing spots, but one great way is to hike into the backcountry of Colorado. We'll tell you when and how to do it.

A truly trophy mule deer is one of today's most difficult challenges.

An outdoors photographer stumbles upon a grisly scene.

Anglers the world over dream of different ways in which they might give it all up in order to fish day in and day out. Alan Peak got to that lucky position as a fishing guide in Colorado. Now he's living the life; read his story.

There are some plants that can be into tea in the Colorado Rockies. Check out our visual guide.

If you're in a region that's already cold and you don't want to go far to get into some good fishing, this article is for you. You'll learn the top ice-fishing destinations for the upcoming weeks.

Check out these locations to do some hiking and take in the fall colors in Colorado.

Think your alarm clock is annoying? Try waking up to a bull elk bugling in full rut outside your bedroom window.

Disabled veterans pay tribute to the lives lost on 9/11.

The Boulder police officer who killed an elk will be on probation. Read the full story.