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It's not too late to hunt in Colorado; many big-game licenses are about to become available. We have all the details.

Nothing helps a fisherman perfect his or her cast more than standing at the bow of a raft, as an oarsman guides it downstream. Discover the joys of float fishing.

Read this photo essay to follow along on a hunt for a most elusive prey.

The GPS affirms it: The dogs have trapped a cougar, 900 yards away. The bad news? It's zero degrees and their prey is 900 yards straight up a mountain.

            Elk camps are magical places where men and women come together to live an outdoor dream. Although images of huge antlers and the screams...

Just before the color changes in the mountains and bowhunting begins is the perfect time for camping. I decided to pack up the trailer and...

As sweat poured from my brow, I scanned the horizon for antelope. Any antelope. The temperature inside my hunting blind had long passed 95°...

A record-book mule deer is one of North America's most challenging trophies. Populations are down in many ranges, and the age structure is very...

The best state to hunt elk is any state in which you can get a license. Arizona and New Mexico produce big numbers of...

The nationwide gun-control debate rages on, and it seems no one can agree on a solution to fix the problems — or even agree...