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Chronic Wasting Disease

A battle is brewing between deer breeders and the state of Texas over new rules relating to CWD. Read the full report.

When field dressing a downed deer, consider the possibility of chronic wasting disease and follow these guidelines.

Chronic Wasting Disease is a serious threat to the future of deer hunting. Yet many hunters don’t understand the threat. That's why it's important for all deer hunters to learn what's really happening right now.

For decades hunters have taken their abundant whitetail deer herds for granted. New outbreaks of diseases may put an end to those glory days. Get the full story.

Right up there with "Which bullet or broadhead is best?" falls the bait/no-bait debate. Which side are you on?

The Pennsylvania Game Commission today confirmed three hunter-killed deer taken in the 2012 general firearms deer season have tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease...