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How to Educate Your Child About Guns in the House

With so many homeowners keeping guns in their houses, these four simple rules can save your child's life.

Kids and Knives: Teaching the Primary Outdoors Tool

When should children be introduced to knives? It might seem like these two things never mix, but the truth is, not long ago every farm kid had a knife.

Books that Teach Kids About the Outdoors

Check out these great children's books on the outdoors.

Girl Calls Mom to Tell Her About Taking a Deer [VIDEO]

Watch the excitement that this six-year-old girl has as she calls her mom to tell her that her dad harvested a deer.

7 Tips for Training Young Bowhunters

To get your young archer started right, you need to remove hurdles and put the odds of success on their side. Here are 7 tips to make sure that happens.

Preview This New Series of Pro-Hunting Books for Children [VIDEO]

What better way to perk a youngster's excitement than a book with real nature sounds? Find out about a children's book series that's hunter-friendly.

Three-Year-Old Can Legally Fish

A Canadian dad was cited by a fish and game warden for having too many poles in the water while fishing with his three-year-old daughter. Luckily, the legal system backed him up. Find out how.

10 Mistakes Adults Make When Hunting with Kids

Sportsmen love passing along their passion for hunting to their kids. But do it the wrong way and the youngsters will never have a taste for the sport. Here are ten moves you don't want to make when teaching your kids how to hunt.

Product Spotlight: Portable High Chair

Make baby's feeding time more fun with a camo-decorated portable high chair. Get 'em ready for all-day sits at an early age!

Are Crossbows Appropriate for Kids?

Nearly any crossbow will capture the imagination and curiosity of a child, yet hunting-caliber crossbows are for adults only. What's the solution?