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Deer Sneaks Up Behind Shocked Hunter [VIDEO]

Texting and hunting aren't a good mix. Watch how a deer sneaks up behind an unsuspecting hunter. Better luck next time, buddy.

The Two Ways to Shoot Spring Gobblers

The ubiquity of cell-phone cameras guarantees that you'll nearly always be able to shoot a few birds on your next turkey hunt. Just not with your gun.

Cell Phone Tips for Hunters

A cell phone may be one of the last things you'd want to take to your deer stand, but as annoying as the tiny machines...

Stay Connected Through Harsh Weather Conditions

If you're accustomed to using your cell phone for texts, mapping, weather forecasts, and searches during cold weather hunts, you face a problem. As if...

Hunters’ Choice: GPS or Smartphone?

You use your smart phone for finding the best local pizza place, and then use an app that gives directions to pick up your...