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Polarmond Sleep System Keeps You Warm in the Coldest Environments [VIDEO]

This all-in-one unit is a great cold-weather sleep system.

Wood Panel Camper Makes Sustainable Statement

Here's a camper built from wood. Check out the most eco-friendly travel trailer ever.

How to Make a Dakota Fire Hole [VIDEO]

Here's how to build a hot cooking fire with minimal environmental impact.

Cabela’s Alaknak is More Mansion Than Tent [VIDEO]

Check out this canvas "cabin in the woods." It redefines the concept of luxury tents.

5 Creepy Tales of Scary Encounters in the Woods

You may never want to venture out into the woods again after reading these five hair-raising tales of creepy encounters in the wilderness.

Backpacking the Grand Canyon in Wintertime

Experience true solitude at the Grand Canyon. Have it all to yourself, or maybe bring five of your closest buddies. Sound good? Here’s how: Do a Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim backpacking trip, in the winter.

Tour the Luxury EarthRoamer Camper [VIDEO]

Check out this rugged luxury camper. It's built to prepare you for everything short of nuclear war. (And maybe even that!)

The Ultimate Outdoors Truck [VIDEO]

This truck is the ultimate camping rig for every outdoors person.

Here’s the Best Way to Bring Your Dutch Oven Back to...

Go too long without proper care and your Dutch oven is going to rust. Here's how to get it ready for your next outdoor cooking adventure.

This ADAK Adventure Trailer Has to Be Seen to Be Believed...

This compact camper has it all: fridge, air conditioner, toilet, and a shower. Did we mention it's a compact camper? Get a video tour if the amazing interior.