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Whether you need to start a fire to signal for help, get a blaze going to heat water for drinkability, or simply ignite a fire to keep yourself warm, fire can be the difference between life and death in the wild.

A foldable kayak would be a great addition for any outdoors enthusiast. Foldable kayaks, unfortunately, are quite pricey. The alternative is just make your own, just like this guy did. Here's how.

Bushcraft expert Ray Mears crafts a functional and attractive birch bark vessel that functions as a water pot.

Every summer, visitors flock to an area of the Great Smoky Mountains to see a jaw-dropping natural light show. What are they coming to see?

This footage is pretty bizarre; a three-legged bear has quickly adapted to walk in a shocking way. This bear is smarter than your average bear.

The spider-tailed viper is a snake with the best of both worlds: a viper’s body and a tail like a spider. Shuddering yet?

Unless you love smelling like chemicals in store-bought mosquito repellents, you’re probably looking for alternative ways to keep the bugs at bay. Luckily you can easily make your own mosquito repellent at home, using natural ingredients that are safe for your family. Here's how to do it.

If you love the outdoors, then learn to camp in the mountains and backcountry the right way. To give you a helping hand, here are some of the major gear areas that you need to think about.

Spring and summer are the seasons when the outdoorsman’s enemy arrives: the mosquito. With these tips you can enjoy the outdoors even in the time of blood-sucking miniature vampires.

Fido won’t have to “ruff” it with this outdoor doggie gear!