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10 Signs You May Actually Be Glamping, Not Camping

Are you a camper or a glamper? We’ve got a list to make sure you know which camp you’re in.

Never Get Poison Ivy Again [VIDEO]

Stop suffering from poison ivy. Here's how to avoid ever contracting it again.

Here’s the Right Way to Poop in the Woods [VIDEO]

Do you know how to properly poop in the woods? This hilarious video will teach you.

DIY Mosquito Trap [VIDEO]

Stop the mosquitos this year before they get you.

Successful Truck Bed Camping

If you spend a lot of time in your truck, you should consider making it camper friendly. Here are four tips that can make camping in the bed of the truck much more comfortable.

How to Safely Remove Ticks with a Cotton Swab [VIDEO]

Using a cotton swab to remove ticks is a good way to be sure the head of the tick does not stay in your skin. This video illustrates the proper and safe way to remove a tick.

How to Start a Fire with Wet Wood [VIDEO]

Just because you have wet wood doesn't mean you can't start a fire. See how it's done.

Camping In Style Out of Your Pick-Up Truck [VIDEO]

This luxury pickup truck and camper will have you camping in style and comfort, without breaking the bank.

New Trick Promises to Make Splitting Firewood Easier [VIDEO]

This method of cutting firewood looks to be easier and safer than traditional ways. What do you think?

Polarmond Sleep System Keeps You Warm in the Coldest Environments [VIDEO]

This all-in-one unit is a great cold-weather sleep system.