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This Insulated Tent Brings Camping Comfort to a New Level

Conventional tent design offers little or no insulation from the outside world. A new product promises to change all that.

A Safer Way to Split Kindling

Learn how to lower your risk of injury while splitting kindling.

5 Camping Gear Inventions You Must Have [VIDEO]

Check out these new camping inventions. We'll bet you find all five of these ideas incredibly appealing.

The Top 10 Deadliest Snakes in North America

Here are the top 10 snakes you want to avoid.

How to Make a Camping Grill [VIDEO]

This Finnish torch is a great makeshift grill when you want to eat and don't have a traditional grill.

Fire-Starter Face Off: Matches, Lighters, and Fire Strikers

In the face of hypothermia, the difference between life and death could come down to a single match. Or, in more common conditions, a good fire-starter will get your campfire blazing in no time flat.

How to Make Charcoal [VIDEO]

Learn how to make your own charcoal.

How to Keep Ice in Your Cooler Longer

Try these handy tips to keep the ice in your cooler for a longer period of time; you'll find that your food and drinks remain colder as well. Have you tried any of these suggestions?

The Trash-Can Grill That Fits the Bill [VIDEO]

Check out this new and very portable grill.

How to Build a Fire That Lasts for Hours [VIDEO]

Tired of adding logs to the fire? Here's how to make a self-feeding fire that will last for hours.