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Campers are often so focused on getting the major things just right that they often overlook the little things that could make camping trip more enjoyable and efficient. This video will highlight those simple tricks that will make your next experience magical.

Ulu knives have been used by Alaskans for generations. Now you can make your very own by following these simple instructions.

Using your pick-up truck for camping may sound crazy, but you'll be amazed at what can be done with such a small space.

A fire can be a lifesaver, but sometimes you want to enjoy the benefits of a fire without letting others know of your campsite or your presence. Here's how to build a fire without light and smoke.

If you're out in the wilderness without a thermometer and you want to know the temperature, there's a natural way to check. Find yourself a cricket. Learn why.

Waterproof matches can be lifesavers. Here's how to make them.

Wood-burning camp stoves are a niche item in North America, but they’re used the world over for cooking and heating in tents. This portable wood stove can be perfect for fall hunting trips.

Stop the mosquitoes before they have a chance to get close. If this solution is good enough for our military, it should work for you.

This amphibious trailer allows you to camp on land or in water.

Outdoor cooking requires creativity. Here's how you can cook a steak on a rock next time you've got a campfire going.