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Sometimes you don’t need to pack your heavy tent with all its accessories; poles, stakes, fly, tarp. All you need is a hammock.

Check out this tutorial for a self-inflating camping pillow. Now you’ll never have to bunch up your stinky clothes to give your head something to lay upon.

Check out the “Bubble Hotels” becoming popular in France, and ask yourself: is this actually camping?

Use this smart tick infographic to learn about ticks and what you can do to prevent them from ruining your day in the field.

Deer camps are great fun. Why not start a spring turkey camp? Our correspondent makes the case.

This wise young man saved $8,000 a year on student housing. How did this college kid save on student housing? He built his own dorm in the woods.

Here’s a good look at a water wheel pump that moves water without the need for an extension cord.

Ahh, the joys of roughing it in the great outdoors — Champagne, high thread-count sheets, flat-screen television. Camping, New York City-style.

Discover and book campsites through Hipcamp, a new digital website where you find the best available campsites.

Who says size doesn’t matter? It’s mushroom hunting season, and we would all just love to find one of these giant morels.