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Company Turns Shipping Containers into Hunting Cabins [VIDEO]

Here's a unique idea for a very nice backwoods shelter. See how one company retrofits shipping containers into hunting cabins.

Camp for Future Wildlife Workers

Summer camps are an established tradition in many families, especially if a youngster's taste has moved from just swimming and having fun into a...

6 Reasons to Spike Camp for Elk

Elk hunting is full-out adventure, and healthy populations of animals in most Western states make this quest a must-do in any hunter's life. Most...

How to Feed an Entire Camp with One Pan

"You're going to cook a complete dinner for a dozen hungry hunters in one pan?" was my slightly skeptical response to Seth McGinn's culinary efforts....

Elk Camp and the Camo Bikini Bottom

Elk camps can have great antics, yet few compare to the camo bikini caper.