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Learn How to Call in Coyotes

To successfully hunt coyotes, you need to learn how to call them in. This primer explains the basics of coyote calling.

3 Steps to Coyote-Calling Success

Use these three tips when calling coyotes.

10 Reasons You Suck at Calling Ducks

Duck calling is one of the most difficult types of game-calling to learn. These ten tips will make you better.

Learn to Call Wild Creatures [VIDEO]

Learning to call waterfowl and wild turkeys has never been easier or more effective.

How to Set Up and Call for Spring Gobblers [VIDEO]

Calling turkeys successfuly is like real-estate: It's all about location, location, location. If you chose to sit in the wrong spot, a hot tom...

Elk Calls Throughout the Season

Wayne Carlton, shown directly above, is one of America's greatest callers, a man who popularized the elk diaphragm for elk nearly 20 years ago. Even great...

Call Black Bears For Increased Success

Calling bears doesn't bring a bruin on the run every time, but here's an easy and inexpensive (under $20) way to bump up your odds.

Learn How to Take More Predators

Tracking predators? Find out your hunting vehicle of choice and what kind of call you should use.

Matt Morrett Shares his Top Turkey Tactics

Turkey Calling Tips from a Pro Hunter’s Specialties’ pro hunter, Matt Morrett, has won the World Friction Championship five times, the Grand National Championship once...