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3 Steps to Coyote-Calling Success

Use these three tips when calling coyotes.

Try This DIY Cow-Horn Turkey Call

Learn how to make a turkey call out of a cow horn.

Johnny Stewart GS2 Caller Wins Award

Now's a great time to call a coyote, and here's an award-winning call that you might consider.

Coyote Ends Up In Hunter’s Lap [VIDEO]

This coyote comes so quickly in response to a call that it ends up in the hunter's lap before he knew what happened. Watch it all happen.

You Can’t Beat This Bugle

If you are elk hunting, a bugle tube can be your best friend. This easy-to-use call has the flexibility to interchange multiple replacement reeds for the desired elk sounds.

How To Call Late-Spring Toms

If you've experienced a silent spring so far, and the wild turkeys just aren't talking back, you may be anticipating that the rest of...