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Muzzleloading Bullets: Copper vs. Lead

Planning a muzzleloading deer hunt? Find out why our experts says you can't beat copper bullets.

Why is Hornady Tracking Bullets by Doppler Radar? The Answer May...

For nearly a century, bullet performance has been measured by chronograph. Now, Hornady is using the Doppler radar to track bullets in flight. Find out what their research has revealed.

High-Speed Shot Shells: Worth the Money?

Are high velocity loadings more effective than slower loadings?

Jim Shockey’s Favorite Center-Fire Bullets

You can bet that the best bullet to use on Jim Shockey's hunts is a common topic of discussion. Hear his no-holds-barred opinion.

The Best Bullets for Big-Game Hunting

Get a rundown of nearly every brand of bullet sold in America and the benefits of each.

What’s New in Muzzleloading Bullets

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular bullets on the market, and a few old-school projectiles as well.