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When Prey Fights Back [VIDEO]

Watch as these predators meet their match.

When Wild Animals Attack [VIDEO]

Forget what you see in animation, where animals of all types get along. The real world isn't so tranquil. Watch the real nature show in this unexpurgated video.

Buffalo Protect Each Other from Lions [VIDEO]

Watch these buffalo step in to protect one of their own from attacking lions.

Buffalo Sends Croc Flying [VIDEO]

You won't believe what happens when a crocodile thinks he can bully a big bull buffalo.

Elephant Attacks and Kills Resting Buffalo

A female elephant protects her family from a resting buffalo. What was captured on film is amazing.

Elephant Stabs and Kills Buffalo [VIDEO]

Here's why you don't cheese-off an elephant, even if you're as big as a buffalo. Watch as the grey behemoth stabs and kills his enemy with just his tusks.

Cape Buffalo is No Match for Rhino [VIDEO]

When two of Africa's Big 5 square off to fight, the battle will be epic.

Komodo Dragon Takes On Water Buffalo [VIDEO]

Is it possible for a Komodo dragon to kill a water buffalo that weighs 1,500 pounds more? You'll just have to watch and see for yourself.

The Line Starts Here for the Grand Canyon Buffalo and Lion...

This hunt for American bison and mountain lion along the Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most unique we've heard of.

Hunting Alongside Gorillas and Pygmies

Come along on a special hunting expedition in the Congo.