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An Ohio deer farm owner who violated quarantine orders from the Ohio Division of Agriculture will have 300 of his deer euthanized by the state.

A costly attempt to reduce Cornell University’s urban deer population backfired in a bizarre way.

Big bucks shed their veil of secrecy to feed during daylight in mid-summer. Now's the time to spot them.

Some people collect antiques, others garden. This is the story of a man who hunts for shed antlers.

The opening of deer season was only a few hours away. It was pitch black outside and the wind was roaring through the oaks up...

Whitetail deer behavior changes more in November than any other month. Bucks that have been absent from fields and deer woods suddenly seem to...

It's a well-known fact among hunters that large, older deer make for tougher hunting because they're smart enough to have avoided hunters and predators...

Many of America's most successful hunters are aggressive. They don't just wait for a big buck to walk by; they'll take specific steps to...

Competitive archery at paper targets was fun, yet the real excitement when realistic targets at varying distances came into focus. If you're a competitive...

Craig Doherty and his son Neil Doherty have spent the last ten years taking pictures to get big bucks. But they're not professional photographers....