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Browning’s New Trail Camera Covers All the Bases

Get a preview of Browning's new trail camera and learn how its features might help you be a more effective hunter.

Browning’s Most Advanced Hunting Clothing Ever [VIDEO]

Browning is billing its Hell's Canyon Speed Clothing line as the most advanced hunting clothing in the company's history. See a preview of Browning's newest gear.

A Rifle for Tough Country

Browning's new X-Bolt Hell's Canyon is a standout hunting rifle.

Browning Combines Ear and Eye Protection

With Browning's new Sound Shield, if you have your shooting glasses with you, you also have your hearing protection.

The Epic Return of Browning’s Sweet 16 [VIDEO]

Browning's made a lot of hunters happy, but this year even more are smiling. The Sweet 16--the classic A5 design is back. This one is going to be popular.

Browning’s Hell’s Canyon Features Revolutionary Camo Patterns [VIDEO]

Browning introduces hunting gear featuring a camo designed by mathematical algorithms. Is it just a sales pitch, or the real deal? Let's find out.

Hell’s Canyon Down Jacket Keeps Out the Elements

Browning introduces a new blended down insulator that handles water better than regular down, yet still insulates well. If you need a new jacket for fall hunting, check out this one. We give it a thumbs-up.

Product Spotlight: Browning’s Tactical Tomahawk

Get a sneak peek at Browning's Shock ‘N Awesome Tactical Tomahawk.

Young Sportsmen Will Never Again Outgrow Their Guns

Now you can buy quality guns for kids and re-stock when they grow up, without breaking the bank. It's called "growth insurance," and we have the inside look at this new program from Browning.

4 Steps to Picking the Right Turkey Blind

Hunting blinds are very effective for spring gobblers, but which one is best? Get this full rundown of your options, straight from the NWTF.