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Barefoot Hunter Takes Giant Alaskan Brown Bear at Only 20 Yards

Hunting brown bears in your bare feet might not sound smart, but it works for this extreme hunter.

Possible New World-Record Brown Bear

A bowhunter arrows an Alaskan bruin that could take the top spot in the archery record books.

Bowhunter Takes Down Brown Bear at 5 Yards [VIDEO]

Imagine passing a shot at a bear at 10 yards and still hoping to get an opportunity. Watch it happen.

Trophy Bull Moose Tempts Fate with Grizzly Bears [VIDEO]

Watch as the paths of a giant bull moose and brown bears intersect and nature takes its course.

Brown Bear Hunt with a Bow [VIDEO]

Check out a brown bear hunt gone bad.

Brown Bear Attacks Man in Safety Cage [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered why it would be like to be attacked by a brown bear? Even in a controlled environment, as in this video, it can be a terrifying experience.

Great Adventure Hunts: Don’t Miss the Boat

Using a large boat as a base camp allows hunters to access remote Alaskan wildlife while enjoying creature comforts at night. Come along for the ride.

Pursuing North America’s Largest Predator

Join Bob Foulkrod as he stalks a monster brown bear in the Alaskan wilderness.

Don’t Bring a Bear to a Gun Fight

If you will be hunting or fishing in bear country, you should consider how you will protect yourself should you encounter a bear. Many hunters want the comfort of a firearm. Even one of the most inexpensive models will work, as this post describes.

Taking Down a Giant Brown Bear with a Bow [VIDEO]

On Kodiak Island, a guide calls an enormous brown bear within 12 feet; check out the thrilling bowhunting action in this up-close video.