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Rage Releases Hypodermic Crossbow Bowheads

One of America's most popular broadheads is now available for crossbow hunters.

Your Broadhead Is No Good. Here’s What To Do About It

Never stick an arrow in your quiver unless the business end of that arrow is sharp enough to shave with.

Gear Test: Mission Sniper Lite/Rage KORE

Here's a great bow and two excellent broadheads, all of which proved themselves invaluable on a recent African safari. Read our first-person report.

2015 Arrow/Broadhead Preview

Arrows and broadheads always garner attention at the Archery Trade Association Show. Here are some of the 2015 models that stood out.

The Best Broadhead for Big Game?

Broadhead performance is critical for big-game success. Here's a look at one man's success.

Rage Broadheads Introduces New 3-Blade Design

Rage introduces a new three-blade design with a sleek profile and devastating cutting ability. Get all the details here.

Broadhead Performance: Fixed or Expandable?

Andy Pedersen studied 24 hunts at a controlled hunting Federal facility and give a very scientific report about broadhead effectiveness. Forget armchair analysts' opinions; this info is the real deal.

Teton Tested: Easton BloodLine Bolts and NAP HellRazors

Wilderness hunts and aluminum arrows can be a difficult match. Rugged terrain and an unexpected fall can bend a shaft enough to affect accuracy. Here's how we overcame those problems.

Countdown to Opening Day

Think of your opening day hunt as a Google Earth search: Whether you're after whitetail deer, elk, antelope, or other game, begin with the...

Are You Shooting with the Right Broadhead?

The choice between mechanical or traditional broadheads is one of the most important decisions a bowhunter can make. Here are the primary elements to consider.