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Greatest Archery Trick Shots of All Time [VIDEO]

Think the Robin Hood shot is impressive? Then brace yourself for the mind-blowing archery trick shots in this video, including the longest bow and arrow shot in the world and an arrow bender.

Recurve Coyote Harvest from a Treestand [VIDEO]

Never pass up a shot at a coyote, even with primitive gear. Watch this hunter take out the wily predator from a treestand.

Bowhunter Pursues a 200-Inch Mule Deer Buck

A New Mexico bowhunter targets a 200-class muley buck nicknamed “El Guapo.” Watch the video of the pursuit.

12-Year-Old Hits Two Deer with One Arrow

A 12-year-old bowhunter makes an amazing first kill as he hits two deer with one arrow. Watch the incredible footage.

Archer Makes Insane 300-Yard Shot [VIDEO]

Shooting a target at 300 yards with archery gear sounds impossible, right? Watch this impressive archer prove that theory wrong.

Shooting a Rifle Round From a Bow: What’s the Verdict? [VIDEO]

Can an exploding .357 Magnum provide a quick, clean, and ethical bow shot? Watch this video and judge for yourself.

Hunter Misses His Mark, Shoots Deer in Rack [VIDEO]

This mule deer buck was not exactly pleased with the hunter that shot his antlers. Watch how it all played out.

How You’re Probably Sabotaging Your Own Bowhunt, and What You Can...

Don't think your equipment won't get abused during the season. Your gear takes more abuse than you realize. Here's how to combat the everyday actions that can results in faulty equipment.

How to Hunt the October Lockdown

As this month progresses, and deer get out of their routine, buck sightings often decrease, making it tough to hunt. This is known as the October Lockdown. But there are ways to make it work; we'll walk you through the process.

A Paradise for Deer and Bear Hunters

West Virginia offers great deer and bear hunting. Few hunters are coming home empty-handed. Get a closer look at the Mountain State's offerings.