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Your Broadhead Is No Good. Here’s What To Do About It

Never stick an arrow in your quiver unless the business end of that arrow is sharp enough to shave with.

Rattlesnake Taken Out with a Single Bow [VIDEO]

When he stumbled across an ornery rattlesnake, this bowhunter knew exactly what to do.

A Great New Capture Rest At an Even Better Price

We preview a great arrow rest, available at an even better price.

Don’t Draw That Bow Yet! New Research Reveals How Deer See

New research into deer eyesight reveals how best to come to full draw without being detected by whitetail deer.

Gear Test: Excalibur Micro/Aimpoint H-2

Excalibur Crossbows and Aimpoint sights make a great team. We field-tested some of the newest offerings on an African safari; here are the results.

M.R. James: Writer, Hunter, Hall of Fame Member

If you have been a bowhunter for any length of time, you have been influenced by this man in one way or another. Get to know M.R James.

How to Create and Use Mock Scrapes [VIDEO]

Hunters need to do what they can to put the odds in their favor when going after big bucks. Creating mock scrapes is one way to do that. Here's everything you need to know.

Gear Test: Horton Ultra-Lite Crossbow

With deer season beginning across America, many hunters will be looking for a new crossbow. Horton crossbows now exhibit many of new owner's TenPoint's best features. We try them out in the wild.

How Not to Kill a Deer

We've all read advice on the best ways to kill a deer. But do you know what it takes not to kill one? That knowledge may make all the difference this coming season.

Gear: Bloodsport Arrows Increase Recoveries

These new arrows can greatly help the recovery process; they have a unique detection zone on the shaft that will help you analyse the hit.