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If you can no longer handle shooting a heavy draw weight, the Draw-Loc In-Line device may be the answer. It attaches easily and allows you to shoot comfortably and accurately. Read our full review.

Whether you're heading across the state line or around the world, keep these five tips in mind as the hunt draws near.

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Rage introduces a new three-blade design with a sleek profile and devastating cutting ability. Get all the details here.

The author took this free-roaming Kudu bull with Agagia Safaris, a company that offers both free-roaming and high-fence hunting in Central Namibia. Contrary to popular belief, the cost isn't necessarily out of this world.

If you like hunting action, this video will pump you up like it's the eve of opening day. A full season of "The Chase" is condensed into three minutes of great hunting action.

Bagging a spring gobbler with a bow takes preparation and patience. Tom Franklin took his shotgun and his Mathews bow to a blind, where the stick and string paid off.

Bowhunting turkeys is an incredible challenge. You'll be on the edge of your seat as this marksman prepares to make an amazing shot. Watch the video for pure excitement.

Watch a skilled bowman hit a target from 300 yards away.

On Kodiak Island, a guide calls an enormous brown bear within 12 feet; check out the thrilling bowhunting action in this up-close video.