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This archer, Randy Oitker, boasts his long distance abilities with a compound bow. Oitker is no stranger to making impressive shots, but this has to be one of the most impressive. Take a look at this archery trick shot.

This hunter on Kodiak Island got a good lesson in shot placement when he experienced a Kodiak bear charge after wounding a big Kodiak Brown Bear with his bow.

This pocket-sized sling bow has a draw weight that rivals most heavy-duty compound hunting bows.

A bowhunter comes face to face with a big Yukon bull moose in this clip.

Hickory Creek Archery has come up with a game changing crossbow. This bullpup vertical crossbow is a marvel in modern technology. This is a super accurate bow that you have to see to believe. Check it out.

Killing a hog from a helicopter with a bow just might be a first in the world of hunting.

Mission launches four new bows for adults and youngsters. They're a great option when you're looking for Cadillac performance at a Chevy price. Get a preview of their latest releases.

Archery squirrel hunting takes a lot of skill and determination. These 26 amazing squirrel hunting kill shots will have you in awe.

Increase your chances for archery success this fall with these three activities this summer.

A bear charges a group of bow hunters floating down a remote river in this hair-raising video.