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Here’s How Not to Shoot a Compound Bow [VIDEO]

Don't be like the poor chap in this video... Learn the proper way to grip and handle your compound bow.

Why Helical Fletching is Best

Learn why helical fletching will help you have consistent in-the-field accuracy.

How to Successfully Bowhunt Turkeys

Bowhunting for turkeys is a tough proposition, we agree. Thankfully, we've got 10 tips to make it easier.

Swhacker’s 3-Blade Broadhead Hits the Mark [VIDEO]

See the new three-blade Swhacker broadhead in action.

Amazing Broadhead Kill Shot on Wild Hog [VIDEO]

Wild hogs are a tough animal that require a tough broadhead. Fortunately, we've got just the thing to take these beasts down.

Elephant Taken Down with Single Arrow [VIDEO]

Jack Brittingham takes down a world-class elephant with one arrow.

Bow Head Shot on a Rattler [VIDEO]

Can an arrow take out a mature rattlesnake? Watch this video to see how that scenario plays out.

Fox Hunting with Bow and Arrow [VIDEO]

Tim Wells arrows couple of desert gray foxes in this amazing video.

Bowhunter Kills Flying Goose [VIDEO]

Do you have a hard time killing geese with your shotgun? Maybe you should try archery gear. TV host Tim Wells demonstrates.

Perfect Bowhunting Kill Shot on a Bull Elk [VIDEO]

Check out this perfect kill shot on a bull elk.