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Check Out Striker’s Primitive Yet Effective Bows [VIDEO]

Striker introduces a cool line of primitive but effective bows. Here's a preview look.

How to Increase Your Draw Weight This Off-Season

If you want to increase your draw weight, now's the time to start working on it. Here's what you need to do.

Pigman Takes World Record South Pacific Hog [VIDEO]

Watch this giant porker go down hard.

Deer Sneaks Up Behind Shocked Hunter [VIDEO]

Texting and hunting aren't a good mix. Watch how a deer sneaks up behind an unsuspecting hunter. Better luck next time, buddy.

Greatest Archery Trick Shots of All Time [VIDEO]

Think the Robin Hood shot is impressive? Then brace yourself for the mind-blowing archery trick shots in this video, including the longest bow and arrow shot in the world and an arrow bender.

Recurve Coyote Harvest from a Treestand [VIDEO]

Never pass up a shot at a coyote, even with primitive gear. Watch this hunter take out the wily predator from a treestand.

Bowhunter Pursues a 200-Inch Mule Deer Buck

A New Mexico bowhunter targets a 200-class muley buck nicknamed “El Guapo.” Watch the video of the pursuit.

12-Year-Old Hits Two Deer with One Arrow

A 12-year-old bowhunter makes an amazing first kill as he hits two deer with one arrow. Watch the incredible footage.

Archer Makes Insane 300-Yard Shot [VIDEO]

Shooting a target at 300 yards with archery gear sounds impossible, right? Watch this impressive archer prove that theory wrong.

Shooting a Rifle Round From a Bow: What’s the Verdict? [VIDEO]

Can an exploding .357 Magnum provide a quick, clean, and ethical bow shot? Watch this video and judge for yourself.