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An Ohio bowhunter climbs into his treestand with the lofty goal of killing a giant white-tailed buck with double drop tines. The buck presents a long broadside shot and Tim launches an arrow. See what happens next.

This is a great collection of incredible photography that outdoors enthusiasts will love.

Take a closer look at two youth bows that are ideal for getting kids started in archery.

The stalking bear sneakily creeps up on a bowhunter until it is almost on top of him. Quick shooting with a rifle at three yards ends this tense moment.

This archer, Randy Oitker, boasts his long distance abilities with a compound bow. Oitker is no stranger to making impressive shots, but this has to be one of the most impressive. Take a look at this archery trick shot.

This hunter on Kodiak Island got a good lesson in shot placement when he experienced a Kodiak bear charge after wounding a big Kodiak Brown Bear with his bow.

This pocket-sized sling bow has a draw weight that rivals most heavy-duty compound hunting bows.

A bowhunter comes face to face with a big Yukon bull moose in this clip.

Hickory Creek Archery has come up with a game changing crossbow. This bullpup vertical crossbow is a marvel in modern technology. This is a super accurate bow that you have to see to believe. Check it out.

Killing a hog from a helicopter with a bow just might be a first in the world of hunting.