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Experience the Thrill of Bowfishing [VIDEO]

This bowfishing rig is a complete set up with everything you need to hit the water and arrow some fish.

Bowfishing for Jumping Carp

Aerial bowfishing is sure-fire way to add some excitement to your next aquatic adventure.

Jumping Carp Breaks Woman’s Jaw

A jumping carp breaks a woman's jaw in Illinois.

Bowfishing from a Ground Blind [VIDEO]

Here's an interesting way to get close to the fish: Bowfishing from a ground blind.

Hosts of “The Habit” to Attend 2015 Muzzy Classic

Hunting and bowfishing enthusiasts will converge later this month at the Muzzy Classic, where outdoorsmen can rub shoulders with pros and TV hosts. Learn more.

A Texas Archer’s Gar-gantuan Catch

A bow fisherman recently shot a fish he'll never forget. Read the amazing story.

Reality Show Host Claims Record Mako

An angler shooting a fishing reality show winds up with an unexpected story as he blows away a California state bowfishing record.

How to Select Your Bowfishing Gear [VIDEO]

Brownells explains the ABCs of bowfishing gear in an informative and entertaining video.

Bowfishing Tourney Takes Aim At Asian Carp

Read about a tournament designed to curb the growing problem of an invasive species.

Bowfishing Tourney Takes Aim At Asian Carp

Invasive species can wreak havoc on an ecosystem. Nature is a delicate juggling of interactions between an environment and the plants and animals living...