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Squirrel Hunting Impact Shots in Slo-Mo [VIDEO]

These 26 astonishing squirrel impact shots will leave you amazed.

Woman Takes Down Kodiak Griz with a Bow [VIDEO]

Think running into a grizzly while hunting is scary? How about getting close enough to shoot one with a bow?

How to Determine Treestand Placement [VIDEO]

Learn some great tactics for treestand placement for both public and private land hunting.

Bowhunter Takes Down Brown Bear at 5 Yards [VIDEO]

Imagine passing a shot at a bear at 10 yards and still hoping to get an opportunity. Watch it happen.

This Turkey Headshot Will Astound You [VIDEO]

We all wish we could get a turkey headshot like this.

Hunter Uses Recurve to Take Fox [VIDEO]

Taking a fox with a recurve may sound impossible, but it isn't. This video serves as impressive proof.

Hunter’s Dilemma: Rifle, Bow, or Both?

Bowhunter? Rifleman? Some hunts offer the best of both worlds, as one hunter recently learned on an unforgettable African safari.

BowTech Launches Two New Bows

The Archery Trade Association Convention opened in Nashville, TN, on January 6, an opportunity for companies in the shooting and hunting industries to showcase...