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This amphibious trailer allows you to camp on land or in water.

Boat ramps can be a place of big problems. Just ask the poor sap in this video.

A couple of anglers on vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands was extremely lucky to return home alive. Find out what happened to them, and how you can avoid similar perils out on the open water.

This palm-sized GPS will store 25 way-points and point your way back to the dock.

It's a cross between the CSI and Cold Case TV show crime dramas: taking a look back through the thousands of dusty, old settled...

Boating isn't necessarily an inexpensive venture when you factor in the cost of insurance, marina fees, storage fees, gas, and other items you need...

With the hottest days of summer past and cold winter days ahead, winterizing your boat in an important step in making sure your boat...

For an increasing number of outdoorsmen, a smart phone has become a staple. Hunters store locations for their best hunting stands, anglers use tidal...

Whether you're heading out for a peaceful day of solitary fishing or loading your closest friends on your pontoon to enjoy warmer waters before...

Whether you're new to boating or enjoy many days on the water, check out this list of 22 boating necessities before you head out.