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Wild Boar Knocks Down Hunter [VIDEO]

Watch as a big boar charges a hunter, knocks him down, and then comes back for more.

Wild Boar Shot with Tracer Round [VIDEO]

Using a .22 tracer adds a entirely new level of excitement to hog hunting.

Angry Hogs: Hunting 400 lbs. of Wild Fury [VIDEO]

Watch as a well-prepared hunter encounters a herd of huge hogs.

Hunting Wild Boar with Double Rifles

Watch as a powerful double rifle takes down a wild boar.

Tannerite Explosion Takes Out Feral Hogs [VIDEO]

You've seen night vision shots before, but not like this one. Watch as Arkansas hunters take out feral hogs using thermal Tannerite explosions.

Tiger Cub Downs Wild Boar in Brutal Blitz Attack [VIDEO]

The big cats are ferocious predators. Witness the power of a tiger cub as it attacks an unsuspecting boar in this compelling video.

It’s Time for Hog Hunting

With the deer season winding down, wild hogs make a great off-season hunt.

Armed Hunter vs. Wild Boar [VIDEO]

An armed man is attacked in the woods by a wild boar. Will he use his weapon against the beast? Watch this compelling video.

Giant Hog Finally Caught After Years of Hunting

A local legend is taken down by a determined hunter. See the amazing photos.

Feral Pig Goes on Drunken Rampage. You Read That Right.

Wildlife officials in Australia have put out a red alert to be on the lookout for a drunken pig.