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This Black Powder Turkey Hunt Is Insane [VIDEO]

Hunting spring gobblers with a muzzleloader is lots of fun. But what these hunters experienced on this black powder turkey hunt will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Product Spotlight: Trophy Copper Muzzleloading Bullet

These new bullets from Federal are easy to load and expand for great penetration.

Long-Range Muzzleloading

The big buck's antlers contrasted sharply against the prairie grass as the big 9-point moved steadily closer from one coulee to another, appearing and disappearing...

The Majesty of the Elk Hunt

Elk hunting is one of the grandest hunting adventures in North America, and you needn't be rich to enjoy it.

What’s New in Muzzleloading Bullets

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular bullets on the market, and a few old-school projectiles as well.

Boom Time Every Time: Will Your Muzzleloader Fire?

When that big buck finally shows, will your muzzleloader fire?

Check Out This New Long-Range Muzzleloader

If you are considering a new blackpowder rifle for fall hunting, you'll want to check out this baby.

New Legislation May Affect Muzzleloaders and Reloaders

Muzzleloading and reloading sportsmen have always relied on local gun shops and suppliers to purchase blackpowder, smokeless powder, and blackpowder substitutes. However, the recent terrorist activities in...