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Beware: Black Bears Are Out There

As you begin your fall scouting, be aware of the presence of bears.

Worst Bear Attacks on Humans [VIDEO]

Watch some of the worst bear attacks on humans. If you happen to be afraid of bears, this video will do nothing to change your mind.

Bear Tries to Eat iPad [VIDEO]

Watch as a black bear, perhaps woozy on DUI relaxant, tries to abscond with an iPad.

Black Bear Opens Trail Camera, Pulls Out Media Card

Black bears are notorious for messing with trail cameras. Our writer experienced this first-hand when a curious bear manhandled (bearhandled?) his cam.

Why Are More Black Bears Entering Our Territory?

Seeing a black bear in a suburban neighborhood has become a common sight. What's causing this unsettling phenomenon?

Scared Bear Spends Week In Central Louisiana Neighborhood

A frightened bear spends a week in a Central Louisiana neighborhood. Find out what brings bears out into the 'burbs.

Make It a Deer/Bear Combo Hunt

Black bears and whitetail deer often inhabit the same environment and feast on acorns in fall, creating a unique combo opportunity. Check out this video to see how to maximize your hunt.

Deer Feeders Attract More Than Just Deer

If you plan to hunt a deer feeder this year, prepare for unwanted guests. Find out who's likely to show up.

Five Bear Cubs Flee Up a Tree to Avoid Danger [VIDEO]

Watch as five small black bear cubs climb a tree to avoid a male intruder.

How to Visit a Black Bear Den

A former Miss Pennsylvania can't steal the spotlight from an adorable black bear cub. Visiting a den, with official support, is a memorable outdoor experience.