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A Michigan lottery offers lucky sporting men and women outstanding hunting opportunities.

Black bears grow to enormous size in the Northeast, such as this monster that nearly topped 700 pounds. Read about the capture of this gargantuan creature.

Sometimes you just want to get out into nature without having to be on the hunt. And then you encounter a grizzly. Here's what you need to know.

A hunter kills a 525-pound black bear with his bare hands. Read the amazing story.

A curious bruin gets his head stuck in a bucket, and the thoughtful citizens of the Keystone State come to his rescue. See how it all went down.

Black bears are secretive animals. Despite the fact that they're apex predators, they avoid humans. Baiting bears is by far the most effective way of controlling their numbers, and it provides for an amazing hunting experience.

This video documents a black bear taken down with one shot from a crossbow.

Watch as this tricky bear steals the bait without getting caught.

A 36-year-old is dragged away from her work crew and mauled to death at a Suncor oil sands site.

Eastern black bears adapt well to suburban environments and often make a meal at wildlife feeders. But not when these two bulldogs are around. Watch what happens.