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Black Bear Takes Down Moose [VIDEO]

Watch as a black bear takes down a moose calf.

Massive Bear Killed by a Deere

A giant black bear hit by a combine while hibernating.

Tiny French Bulldog Chases Bears Off Property [VIDEO]

A brave French bulldog is captured on CCTV while chasing bears off her owner's California property.

Face to Face with a Black Bear [VIDEO]

What do you do if a black bear decides to climb the tree you're sitting in? See how it plays out in this gripping first-person video.

Man Rescues Black Bear from Drowning [VIDEO]

When a huge black bear wandered into a residential area in Alligator Point, Florida, wildlife officers knew they had to trap and remove him from the neighborhood. But when they tried to sedate the bear, things started to go horribly wrong.

Mama Bear Chases Tourists at Yellowstone [VIDEO]

The best to view black bears is from the safety of your car. That's a lesson these Yellowstone tourists learned the hard way. D'oh!

What Do You Do When You Have a Juvenile Delinquent Bear...

Immature black bears often wonder great distances, looking to establish their own territory. Sometimes they decide that the perfect spot for them... is in your own back yard. Find out how one couple dealt with a pesky new ursine neighbor.

Man Punches Bear to Save His Dog [VIDEO]

Carl Brown turned a bear encounter into a fist fight. See the amazing story of how one brave man protected his pooch.

Pure Michigan Hunt Applications Now Available

A Michigan lottery offers lucky sporting men and women outstanding hunting opportunities.

NJ Hunter Bags 693-Pound Black Bear

Black bears grow to enormous size in the Northeast, such as this monster that nearly topped 700 pounds. Read about the capture of this gargantuan creature.