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Watch as this tricky bear steals the bait without getting caught.

A 36-year-old is dragged away from her work crew and mauled to death at a Suncor oil sands site.

Eastern black bears adapt well to suburban environments and often make a meal at wildlife feeders. But not when these two bulldogs are around. Watch what happens.

A mother black bear scales a sheer cliff; her cub must follow or fall to its death. See the compelling video.

With more than 30 years of intensive black-bear research taking place in the state, Maine's black-bear management has earned the respect of conservationists nationwide. Here's why.

If you're a bear hunter and live within driving distance of Pennsylvania, you need to plan to hunt there next fall. Many hunters spend...

Pennsylvania is one of the nation's leading states for black bears, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission depends on hunters to keep the state's bear...

Love to hunt, but hate to leaf your honey at home? West Virginia has multiple animal seasons and great couples' weekends, along with tremendous...

Animal rights groups have altered traditional spring and fall hunting seasons in numerous states. Indian reservations, however, offer great hunts in natural environments with...

Black bear hunting in Manitoba is one of the most exciting hunts that I have had the pleasure of engaging in and should be...