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Packing for the Perfect Shot

Tenzing offers a backpack especially for rifle and crossbow shooters that can be invaluable at the moment of truth. Check out the specs and tell us what you think.

The Best Broadhead for Big Game?

Broadhead performance is critical for big-game success. Here's a look at one man's success.

Wyoming Raffles Deluxe Hunting Tag for $10

Wyoming Game & Fish is offering a raffle of big-game tags for $10, with the proceeds assisting conservation efforts in the state. Find out how to get in on the offer.

Top 12 Taxidermy Displays at SCI

The Safari Club International convention in Las Vegas is the best celebration of hunting in the world. Sure, it's a great place to meet...

Public Land Elk Hunting Tips

When you think of perfect hunting conditions, private land likely figures into the equation at some point. Who doesn't dream of trophy-sized deer and...

Video: How to Field Dress Big Game

Big-game hunters dream of the day they'll harvest an elk, caribou, deer, or other animal. It's a moment hunters prepare for and is often...

The Best Bullets for Big-Game Hunting

Get a rundown of nearly every brand of bullet sold in America and the benefits of each.

The Three Best Big-Game Calibers You’re Not Using

If you have a big-game trip planned, are thinking about raising the ballistic performance of your present round, or just want to shoot really cool guns, check out these three calibers.