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Worst Bear Attacks on Humans [VIDEO]

Watch some of the worst bear attacks on humans. If you happen to be afraid of bears, this video will do nothing to change your mind.

Black Bear Takes Down Moose [VIDEO]

Watch as a black bear takes down a moose calf.

Grizzly Bear Takes a Selfie [VIDEO]

Great. Now even bears are taking selfies. When will the madness end?

Black Bear Opens Trail Camera, Pulls Out Media Card

Black bears are notorious for messing with trail cameras. Our writer experienced this first-hand when a curious bear manhandled (bearhandled?) his cam.

Why Are More Black Bears Entering Our Territory?

Seeing a black bear in a suburban neighborhood has become a common sight. What's causing this unsettling phenomenon?

Scared Bear Spends Week In Central Louisiana Neighborhood

A frightened bear spends a week in a Central Louisiana neighborhood. Find out what brings bears out into the 'burbs.

Five Bear Cubs Flee Up a Tree to Avoid Danger [VIDEO]

Watch as five small black bear cubs climb a tree to avoid a male intruder.

Bear Attacks Point to Evidence of New Ursine Hybrids [VIDEO]

Bears in the wild seem to be losing their fear of humans and certain ursine species are reportedly growing to enormous size. Learn more in this fascinating video.

Video: Pennsylvania Black Bear Forecast

Pennsylvania is one of the nation's leading states for black bears, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission depends on hunters to keep the state's bear...

Woman Survives Black Bear Attack

A 72-year-old woman was bitten and clawed by a 190-pound sow bear before the animal and her three yearlings left the woman’s property. Read the full story.