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How to Scare the Hell Out of a Bear [VIDEO]

A Swedish man walking his dog through the woods gets blindsided by a bear but he knows exactly what to do.

How to Survive a Grizzly Attack

Would you be able to survive an attack by a grizzly bear? This article might just save your life.

Brown Bear Hunt with a Bow [VIDEO]

Check out a brown bear hunt gone bad.

How to Properly Field Skin a Bear [VIDEO]

Learn the proper way to field-skin a bear.

The World Record Grizzly That Almost Didn’t Happen

The bear now recognized by Boone & Crockett as the largest hunter-killed grizzly and by Safari Club International as the world record archery bear very nearly never entered the record books. Find out why.

Grizzly Bear Defends Her Cubs from Caribou [VIDEO]

Who will win this epic battle between a bear and caribou? Watch the video to find out.

A Curious Black Bear Climbs to Treestand [VIDEO]

How would you handle a bear climbing the tree you're sitting in? Hopefully as well as this unsuspecting hunter did.

Former Miss Kansas Sentenced for Illegal Bear Kill

Former Miss Kansas and hunting television star Theresa Vail has been sentenced in an Alaska court for violating state game laws during a recent grizzly bear hunt in Alaska.

Backyard Takedown: Bear Enjoys Deer Dinner [VIDEO]

An unsuspecting deer turns out to be dinner when a bear finds an easy meal in this videographer's backyard.

Bear Cubs Saved From Dumpster [VIDEO]

Quick thinking saved these bear cubs from possible death. Watch the heartwarming video.