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Cutest Bear Attack Ever [VIDEO]

Now this is the kind of bear attack we could handle!

1500-lb. Alaskan Brown Bear is King of the River [VIDEO]

On the Alaska Peninsula is a 1,500-lb. brown bear named Luther. This is his river, and he'll make sure you know it.

Man Shoots Video as Bear Stalks Him [VIDEO]

A man was stalked by a black bear for more than an hour, and caught it on video. Watch for yourself.

Ontario Semi-Guided Bear Bowhunt [VIDEO]

View a realistic breakdown of an Ontario archery bear hunt.

Huge Bear Shot at Three Yards [VIDEO]

How close is too close? Would you take a shot on a bear that was just three yards away? These guys did.

Hunting Black Bear on the Alaska Coast [VIDEO]

This video places you right in the middle of the action on an Alaskan black bear hunt.

Does a Super Bear Tag Make Sense?

As bear populations expand, is it time for a Super Bear Tag? Our writers makes the case for a reevaluation of how bear licenses are distributed.

Guide Saves Fisherman by Shooting Brown Bear

Do you ever have to worry about raging brown bears where you fish?

Bear Attacks Marathon Runner [VIDEO]

This story of a marathon runner being attacked by a black bear serves as a reminder to keep safe when we're out in the woods.

Too Close to a Grizzly [VIDEO]

Here's how you act when a grizzly bear walks right toward you.