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The World Record Grizzly That Almost Didn’t Happen

The bear now recognized by Boone & Crockett as the largest hunter-killed grizzly and by Safari Club International as the world record archery bear very nearly never entered the record books. Find out why.

A Curious Black Bear Climbs to Treestand [VIDEO]

How would you handle a bear climbing the tree you're sitting in? Hopefully as well as this unsuspecting hunter did.

Former Miss Kansas Sentenced for Illegal Bear Kill

Former Miss Kansas and hunting television star Theresa Vail has been sentenced in an Alaska court for violating state game laws during a recent grizzly bear hunt in Alaska.

Former Miss Kansas Charged with Illegal Bear Kill

TV hunting star Theresa Vail, a former Miss Kansa, is charged with illegally killing a grizzly bear in Alaska. Read how Vail made a bad situation worse with a monumentally bad decision.

Record Bruin in Pennsylvania Could Be World’s Largest

A Pennsylvania hunter harvests a massive bruin that could be the largest in the world.

Three-Legged Bear Mistaken for Bigfoot? [VIDEO]

A three-legged bear is not something you see every day. Walking like a human, the bear is able to take care of her cubs. Could this be what people have mistaken for Bigfoot?

Black Bear Opens Trail Camera, Pulls Out Media Card

Black bears are notorious for messing with trail cameras. Our writer experienced this first-hand when a curious bear manhandled (bearhandled?) his cam.

Hunting Contest Winners Bring Home Elk and Turkey [VIDEO]

The Pure Michigan ad campaign sponsors three "hunt-of-a-lifetime" opportunities every year. See how the latest winners did and find out how you can enter for the next drawing.

A Paradise for Deer and Bear Hunters

West Virginia offers great deer and bear hunting. Few hunters are coming home empty-handed. Get a closer look at the Mountain State's offerings.

Face to Face with a Black Bear [VIDEO]

What do you do if a black bear decides to climb the tree you're sitting in? See how it plays out in this gripping first-person video.