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Man Shoots Video as Bear Stalks Him [VIDEO]

A man was stalked by a black bear for more than an hour, and caught it on video. Watch for yourself.

Ontario Semi-Guided Bear Bowhunt [VIDEO]

View a realistic breakdown of an Ontario archery bear hunt.

Huge Bear Shot at Three Yards [VIDEO]

How close is too close? Would you take a shot on a bear that was just three yards away? These guys did.

Hunting Black Bear on the Alaska Coast [VIDEO]

This video places you right in the middle of the action on an Alaskan black bear hunt.

Does a Super Bear Tag Make Sense?

As bear populations expand, is it time for a Super Bear Tag? Our writers makes the case for a reevaluation of how bear licenses are distributed.

Too Close to a Grizzly [VIDEO]

Here's how you act when a grizzly bear walks right toward you.

Barefoot Hunter Takes Giant Alaskan Brown Bear at Only 20 Yards

Hunting brown bears in your bare feet might not sound smart, but it works for this extreme hunter.

Woman Takes Down Kodiak Griz with a Bow [VIDEO]

Think running into a grizzly while hunting is scary? How about getting close enough to shoot one with a bow?

Possible New World-Record Brown Bear

A bowhunter arrows an Alaskan bruin that could take the top spot in the archery record books.

Use a Predator Call to Lure in Bears [VIDEO]

Calling in a bear with a predator call might not be for every hunter. But it is an effective method that provides great results. Check out this video to see it in action.