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Bear Attacks Marathon Runner [VIDEO]

This story of a marathon runner being attacked by a black bear serves as a reminder to keep safe when we're out in the woods.

Grizzly Kills Mountain Biker in Montana

A grizzly in Montana's Flathead National Forest kills a mountain biker.

You Can’t Outrun a Charging Bear

Can you run 13 yards in one second? Then don't even bother trying to outrun a charging bear. Read this amazing story of surviving an Alaskan bear attack.

Moose Hunter Mauled by Grizzly

A moose hunter gets mauled by a grizzly in Alaska. Find out how the hunter's training as a first-responder saved him from certain death in the Alaskan wilderness.

How to Scare the Hell Out of a Bear [VIDEO]

A Swedish man walking his dog through the woods gets blindsided by a bear but he knows exactly what to do.

How to Survive a Grizzly Attack

Would you be able to survive an attack by a grizzly bear? This article might just save your life.

Backyard Takedown: Bear Enjoys Deer Dinner [VIDEO]

An unsuspecting deer turns out to be dinner when a bear finds an easy meal in this videographer's backyard.

LOL: Woman Begs Bear to Stop Mauling Her Kayak [VIDEO]

A woman's kayak is mauled by a bear during a solo trip in the Alaskan wilderness. Watch as she pleads with the brute to leave her gear alone.

Man Punches Bear to Save His Dog [VIDEO]

Carl Brown turned a bear encounter into a fist fight. See the amazing story of how one brave man protected his pooch.

Bowhunter Takes 525-lb. Black Bear with Bare Hands

A hunter kills a 525-pound black bear with his bare hands. Read the amazing story.