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A woman's kayak is mauled by a bear during a solo trip in the Alaskan wilderness. Watch as she pleads with the brute to leave her gear alone.

Carl Brown turned a bear encounter into a fist fight. See the amazing story of how one brave man protected his pooch.

The thought of a bear attack sounds vicious, but this may be the most non-threatening bear attack ever!

A hunter kills a 525-pound black bear with his bare hands. Read the amazing story.

Alberta records its second bear fatality. Learn the horrific story of one unfortunate hunter's deadly bear encounter.

If you will be hunting or fishing in bear country, you should consider how you will protect yourself should you encounter a bear. Many hunters want the comfort of a firearm. Even one of the most inexpensive models will work, as this post describes.

This video shows how getting to close to a cute, cuddly bear cub can result in unspeakable terror.

A National Guardsman in Alaska happened upon a sow and her cubs, with nearly fatal results. Here's the full shocking story.

A 36-year-old is dragged away from her work crew and mauled to death at a Suncor oil sands site.

A Montana park ranger is attacked by a grizzly bear being released into the wild.