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Why You Need to Dispose of Your Old Fishing Line Properly

Anglers owe it to the environment, as well as to wildlife, to pick up after themselves.

Fishing Frogs For Bass [VIDEO]

This expert catches many fish on frogs throughout the year on tough fisheries in Illinois. In this video, he shares tips that will help you not only fish a frog better, but give you more confidence to throw it around shallow cover.

Here’s Why You Should Fish Heavy Cover

Fish where the fish are... in heavy cover. Two Bassmaster pros offer six reasons to fish there.

KVD on Crankbait Fishing [VIDEO]

Kevin VanDam, one of the globe's premier anglers, offers a full-length primer on crankbait fishing.

Fishing with Mr. Crappie [VIDEO]

If you get the opportunity to fish with a guy who is named after the fish he catches, you better go with him. That's why went drove out to Sam Rayburn Reservoir in East Texas to fish with the legendary Mr. Crappie.

9-lb. Bass Attacks Frog in the Air [VIDEO]

Watch a 9-lb. bass attack a lunker frog in the air beside the angler's boat.

How to Fish the Z-Man ChatterBait [VIDEO]

Get an action-packed look at the Z-Man ChatterBait. Is this the bait for your next outing?

Hot Tips for Texas Rigging

Read tips from the pros on how to nail some true giants with Texas-rigged soft plastics.

The Key to Fishing Success That You Probably Never Considered

Discover one way professional bass angler Mike Iaconnelli stays on top of the game. It's something the majority of anglers have likely never considered.

An Angler’s Joy [VIDEO]

Professional angler and family man, Brent Ehrler, displays the mastery of his trade in the desert landscape of Southern California. Watch as he takes his young son, Ollie, on one of his first fishing adventures, and passes on the legacy of his sport.