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This Bald Eagle is a Master of Improvisation [VIDEO]

A majestic bald eagle is captured on video as it swoops down to pluck a fish out of the water. What happens next is totally unexpected.

Top Three Eagle Attacks [VIDEO]

A fleeing deer is no match for the talons of an eagle, which can be formidable weapons, as you'll see in this video.

What to Do When You Catch a Bald Eagle [VIDEO]

What would you do if you snagged a bald eagle on your line? Find out how one quick-thinking angler handled the unusual situation.

Mother Eagle Defends Nest Against Raccoon [VIDEO]

You won't believe the reaction of a female bald eagle when a raccoon attacks its nest.

Bald Eagle Gets a Second Chance

We all know about animal hospitals for injured dogs and cats. But where does a bald eagle go if it breaks a wing, flies into a window, or faces similar calamities? Find out in this thrilling story.

Bald Eagles Making a Comeback in Pennsylvania

Bald eagles are known for their strength, power and, most notably for Americans, as the symbol of American freedom. The species was nearly wiped...