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Gathering Fishing Bait Has Never Been Easier [VIDEO]

Here's an easy way to catch all of the fishing bait you'll ever need.

West Coast Sardine Fishery Closes

Find out why federal regulators approved an early closure of West coast commercial sardine fishing.

Fishing Live Frogs for Big Walleyes [VIDEO]

Check out this video to learn how to fish live frogs for big walleyes.

Tips for Keeping Baitfish Healthy

Check out these 15 tips for keeping your live bait alive and well.

The Key to Great Fly Fishing

Discover why knowing and extending your confidence range will help you catch more fish.

Black Bear Rubs Back on Trail Camera, Then Steals Donut [VIDEO]

Watch as this tricky bear steals the bait without getting caught.

Regulating Harvest in Maine

Discover Maine's management techniques and their effects.

Ice Fish with a Spoon

These spoons and jigs are guaranteed to bring ice-fishing action.

15 Tips to Help You Select the Best Livewell

Get 15 tips to keep live bait lively by choosing the best live well for your fishing excursion.

Making the Case for Live Bait

Fishing boat Captain Bill Miller cites the consistency of his catches when using live bait, but he doesn't stick with one kind of bait. Learn what Miller identifies as his bait of choice, and get a full rundown of how to find bait yourself.